My Adorable Ghostgirl (Chapter 2)

EXO Fanfiction


Title: My Adorable Ghostgirl

Main Cast:  Oh Se Hun (EXO-K), Yoon Cheon Sa (OC)

Supported Cast: Luhan (EXO-M), Park Chan Yeol (EXO-K)

Author: Ahra storyline

Rating: PG-16

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Length:  Multi Chapter

Disclaimer: All the cast belongs to the God, their agency and family. Author just borrow them except for the OC. The OC is mine. This idea is pure mine and it comes from my mind and please Don’t bash it. Typos everywhere, good readers and comments are welcoming 😉

OST (Just For Fun J):  J. Rabbit – Talkin’ bout love & Ailee – Evening Sky

“You mayn’t to appear in front of the other people, but you may to appear in front of me”

Chapter 2

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