3 In 1 Love (Chapter 3: Bacon?)


Chapter 3: Bacon? - arrangedmarriage romcom you exo kai baekhyun - main story image


“Omo! Jeongmal kamsahamnida-ermm…mmm…” Yoon Hee paused for a while and gawked at him and blushed when she saw the smiling face of Baekhyun. “K-kamsahamnida.”



The crowd started to gossip. The fangirls starts to weep-up.


“Why did Baekhyun helped her? Ugh!”

“That thick-faced girl!”

“That girl’s guts!”

“That bird-nest nerd!”


“Hyung must be up to something.” D.O. commented. “Yeah right. Like I care.” Kai just rolled his eyes and went in to the school building.

The rest of the boys glanced back and smirked then followed Kai.



Yoon Hee pulled the guy slightly embarrassed to the place in-which no one can be able to see them.

When she began to start the conversation, “Ah, neh, umm…what’s your name?”

The guy smiled and whispered back, “I’m Baekhyun.”

“Hu-hu-What?! Ba-Bacon?”  Yoon Hee asked, shocked. *Why does this guy have the same name as the food? What a lame name.  But I’m so sure that his face is so familiar.*

Baekhyun chuckled, slightly amused at her silliness.“Anniyo~ I’m Baek.Hyun.” He corrected.

“Oh.” She lowered her head in embarrassment. “Omo! T-thank you so much for helping me a while ago, so here… take this as my compensation.” She bowed down and ran off.


“Palli!” Lee Hae shouted, giggling.

“YAH unnie! Why are you giggling? AISH!”

“Yah pabo! That was Baekhyun oppa of EXO-K.”


Yoon Hee’s eyes turned into saucers when she just realizes that it was Baekhyun, one of the member of EXO-K. *So that’s why he looks so familiar.*


Baekhyun just smiled warily and chuckled. He glanced up at his hands when he saw an innocent looking brown, fluffy teddy-bear. He snickered and smiles enthusiastically, as he place the cute little bear to his bag. *How cute.*


A/N: Don’t worry. I’ll explain later why Yoon Hee didn’t know Baekhyun. ;D


The school bell rang, for the second subject which is Astronomy.

Mr. Choi had just entered the room with a smile. “Good Morning Class! Today we’ll be having a group activity, well it really doesn’t count as a ‘many’ but it’s for partners. For today’s activity, we’ll be talking about the habitable twin-planet of  Earth: EXO.”


The students made an ‘o’ faces. They seemed to be pre-occupied of the EXO they knew. Mostly, all the students first knowledge of hearing the word ‘EXO’ was the 12 gorgeous boys.



“EXO?! EXO Planet?~ Waah~ Aren’t they the Extra-Solar Planets?” Yoon Hee whispered. But unfortunately Mr. Choi heard it.

“Oh, Yoon Hee-ah, you know about it too?”

“Nae~ Mr. Choi.” *How wouldn’t I know it? It’s like the easiest thing to study on.*

“Good to know then.” Mr. Choi complemented.


“So the pairings will be a boy and a girl. No ‘buts’ arasso?” “So Yoon Hee and Baekhyun. Lee Hae and Kris…” and so on.

Kai’s partner happened to be the school’s biggest flirt, Hae Aen. Hae Aen smirked, seductively. *Oh no. Why her?* Yoon Hee sadly thought.


“So I guess, you can start your research. And btw, the principal said that today’s dismissal will be at 12:25pm due to some re-arrangements and meetings. So now, you can talk with your partners, in not less than 25 minutes, it will be your dismissal. So, I need to catch-up for the meeting, bye!” Mr. Choi said, waving and walked off.


Baekhyun passed a note to Yoon Hee that contains:



Let’s just make our research later at our dorm okay? Don’t worry, I’m a good boy. 😀

Here’s the address _______________. Jebal~ don’t post it on the net nae? I hate sasaeng fans the most >__< At around 2:30pm, okay? (: And I trust you. 🙂

-Bacon xD


As the moment she receives the note, she faced Baekhyun and answered him back with an ‘OK’ sign.

“Lee Hae unnie! I’ll be going to EXO’s dorm later, how about you?”

“Same with you. Kris oppa said that we’ll be doing the research later in their dorm. So what if, we’ll went their all together?” Lee Hae questioned with a queer face.

“Sure unnie!” Yoon Hee beamed.

“Okay then. I’ll call you later.” Lee Hae said while smiling.

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