3 In 1 Love (Chapter 2: My Selca?!)

Chapter 2: My Selca?! - arrangedmarriage romcom you exo kai baekhyun - main story image


The next day came, and it was too early to go to school since her class will still start at 10:30am and it was like 6:45am. Yoon Hee decided to go to her laptop and signed in on her twitter account and to check some EXO updates, more or less, Kai’s updates. She then tweeted.



@lovingmykai Good Morning Beautiful World!^^;; Just woke up early today, for me to update myself some Kai facts. Kekeke~ XD Kai<3



@fangirlingkai @lovingmykai Good morning too unnie~! Haha~!^^ Unnie, can you upload a selca of you?~! Jebal~! I bet Kai oppa will like you more than me!



@lovingmykai @fangirlingkai What do you mean dongsaeng-ah? :\ haha^^* Arasso~ I’ll put my selca nae?~! Then you can criticize me if who is more better than you and me for Kai ;P I’ll just DM it. 🙂



@fangirlingkai @lovingmykai YAY! 😀 I love you unnie!~ <333 ^o^~ *excited*



@lovingmykai @fangirlingkai I love you more dongsaeng~! 😉 I need to go now! 🙂 Talk to ya later! ^o^~ ❤



@fangirlingkai @lovingmykai HAHA! 😀 Nae~ Talk to you later then unnie! ^^* ❤



@fangirlingkai’s DM

@lovingmykai@fangirlingkai Aiiyo dongsaeng-ah~ This is unnie nae?! ^^; Jebal~ don’t spread it nae? (:





Kai smirked as he stared at the photo which his unnie send him. He can’t deny that the girl on the photo is so pretty, cute, and with those admirable eyes.

The girl is just like an innocent angel fallen from heaven perhaps, his heart can’t deny that it was beating abnormally.

He just stared at the photo knowing how does his unnie look like and so his unnie caught his attention and hopefully thought,*Unnie-ah~ Hope you’ll understand me someway why I lied to you… so now, knowing that you are currently studying in my school, maybe perhaps it’s good to see you from behind.*



“Appa! I need to go now, BYE!” Yoon Hee huffed in on her personal black car.

*Hoping I did a good decision for you… Yoon Hee-ah.* her father said while looking at the front door.

Yoon Hee called Lee Hae that they’ll just be meeting in front of the school building. She then visited her twitter account and checked her DM’s:





@fangirlingkai@lovingmykai Arasso! I won’t spread this pretty picture of my dearest unnie ^o^~ *pinky swear*





She smiled reading the reply message of her dongsaeng. She doesn’t know why but everytime talking with @fangirlingkai relieves her problem, feeling being protected, warmth, and of course the feeling being happy talking with her; sharing their life stories, experiences and the bigtime: fangirling.


Yoon Hee arrived at the building at approximately 10:20am. She saw her best friend Lee Hae waving at her. She warmly smiled back and waved back at her. “Unnie! Does our future husbands are already here?” Yoon Hee asked while giggling. Lee Hae snickered, “Anniyo~ the other girls said that they always arrive at approximately 5 minutes before time.”

“So are you planning to wait for them here?” Lee Hae asked teasingly.

Yoon Hee blushed and nodded.

Yoon Hee grabbed her phone and tweeted:





@lovingmykai The other girls said that EXO usually arrives at approximately 5 minutes before time… so I guess I’ll just be waiting here!~ Fighting! Kai ❤





After few minutes, a white limousine strolled down at the school road, Yoon Hee being a klutz; she was tripped off, badly. At that time, the car had already been stopped and the 12 gorgeous starts to walk in, in the school lobby when one of them looked back and reached-out his hands to help Yoon Hee to stand up straight.

The remaining 11 boys just stared in disbelief and scowled as they saw the ‘drama’ that is happening.

Yoon Hee on the other hand, wearing her ancient-like glasses, with her bird-nest hair, and perhaps with her loosen over-sized uniform, was laughed out by the crowd. Her best friend helped her dust her uniform as well.

 “YAH! Yoon Hee-ah, why are you always like this?” Lee Hae put her hands on her waists pretending to be mad at her best friend.

“Mianhe unnie~” Yoon Hee pleaded and paused, “OMO! Jeongmal kamsahamnida-ermm…mmm…”


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