3 In 1 Love (Chapter 1: 1st Day of School)

Chapter 1: 1st Day of School - arrangedmarriage romcom you exo kai baekhyun - main story image


It was the first day of school in SMEnt Elite High School. Just a normal first day of class. As the female and male students went off to their respective cars, a long white limousine went in from the school gates.

“Omo! The Kingkas!”

“EXO, we missed you!”

“Kai I love you!”

“EXO Hwaiting!”

The white limousine stopped revealing 12 gorgeous men in black tee-shirts.

The first guy who went out from the limousine was Kai, then followed by Baekhyun, Tao, Chen,D.O., Chen,Suho,Chanyeol,Kris,Lay and lastly the popular HunHan. (Sehun and Luhan)

Kai smirked seeing the girls squealing like they saw an angel from heaven.

Admirable, gorgeous, witty but being true, talented, so-rich-guys and of course, one of the biggest profits of SMEnt to make the business as possible.

Kai strolled first and followed by the others to the Campus’ red carpet which is exactly prepared just for them.


On the other hand.

“Omo! Unnie, mianheyo. I overslept that’s why.” Yoon Hee announced as she dusted her school uniform, tired from running.


“Appa! I’m going now!” She announced as she took a piece of toast on the table, without a second, “BYE!” she yelled as she started running.

“She must’ve used the car that I provided her.” Her father uttered as he took a sip of his plain dark coffee.

End of Flashbacks

“Aigoo~ you must have used your car.” Lee Hae suggested as she gets the fake glasses from her bag pack. “Here… let’s make our days as awesome as possible here Yoon Hee.” She told her as she tries messing Yoon Hee’s hair for covering-up their little secrets.

“Nae~” Yoon Hee answered, happily.

The school gates starts to close and both Yoon Hee and Lee Hae run as fast as they could and luckily, they both arrived in their respective classroom safely.


The next thing they knew, they have already met the 12-oh-so-called-perfect-gorgeous-living-angel-on-Earth. They both gulped as they had an eye to eye contact with their own biases.

A/N: Yoon Hee’s Bias is Kai, while Lee Hae’s Bias is Kris.

*My precious Kai!* Yoon Hee squalled on her thoughts.

*My Canadian Kris!* Lee Hae on the other hand was mentally passed out.

Kai smirked as he went in, in the Dance studio for their 3rd morning class of the day. The 12 guys positioned themselves for the performance.

Many students, especially girls flooded the Dance studio just to catch a glimpse of the live-practice of EXO’s History.

The performance ended with girls squealing, eyes gawking for the smooth performance and forsakenly, girls throbbing hearts for the 12, for the applauded performance by them. Yoon Hee grabbed her phone and tweeted.



@lovingmykai Luckily, I was transferred where EXO is studying^^ Great practice Kai oppa<3^~^



After 29 minutes, she saw a replied tweet from her ever dearest dongsaeng.



@fangirlingkai @lovingmykai Jinjja?~ ToT lucky you then unnie~.~ *jealous* T^T



@lovingmykai @fangirlingkai Aiigoo~ don’t worry dongsaeng-ah~ unnie won’t keep Kai by herself.^^; *winks*



@fangirlingkai @lovingmykai Jinjja?! Yay! 😀 Unnie will share Kai with you then :* ^o^~!



Ever since SMEnt uploaded the 1st Teaser of EXO which was featured by Kai, Yoon Hee started to make a twitter account @lovingmykai for her to be updated about her ever dearest Kai. On the other hand, Kai created a twitter account named as @fangirlingkai as a form for him to know his fangirls’ reactions and also to monitor if what netizen’s thinks about them.


Yoon Hee giggled as she looked unto her phone’s screen. *Aigoo~ she really thinks that I’ll keep Kai oppa just for me? I’m not that selfish…yet.* Lee Hae noticed it and nudged her, “Yah! What are you laughing at?”  She eyed her like she was in a great lunatic mode: fan-girling. “You know what, you better not be fangirling here in school or else,” she paused as she eyed Kai with a girl playfully gripping into his arms. Yoon Hee noticed it, and the smiling eyes turns into the sad one. *Am I regretting it now? That I transferred here just for me seeing you?!*


Kai let go if the girl’s grip, annoyingly.

The girl walked off with a hmp-tone. Kai just rolled his eyes in annoyance, seeing the girl’s attitude.

He then moved his attention on his phone when Sehun started the conversation.

“Kai, what where you laughing at?” Sehun smirked as he opened the canned orange juice.

“Oh, nothing. Just doing some research.” Kai mumbled, hesitatingly as he pursed his lips into a smile. *I wander if you’re telling the truth? I really wanna meet you.*

“Yeah, right.” Sehun just rolled his eyes, smirking.

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